Zambia’s Having a Rough Time: Drought, Power Cuts, and Food Shortages

Mar 4, 2024 | Environment, News, Politics | 0 comments

Zambia just declared a national emergency – things are pretty bad. A massive drought is hitting the country hard, drying up crops and causing major headaches. This comes on top of a recent cholera outbreak, making it a tough time for Zambians.

The drought is messing with food production in a big way. Imagine that almost half the country’s districts are affected, and about a million hectares of corn (their main food source) are toast. To make matters worse, the drought is also hitting the country’s power supply. Their main source of electricity, a giant dam, is running low on water, leading to power cuts.

President Hichilema isn’t messing around though. He’s calling for all hands on deck to boost food production, even getting the military involved. They’re also planning to move food from areas with extra to those in need, buy more food from other countries, and ask for help from aid organisations and businesses.

This drought isn’t just a Zambian problem – other countries in southern Africa are feeling the heat too. The weather phenomenon El Niño is making things worse, causing some areas to experience their driest February in 40 years. Millions of people across the region could be facing food shortages, and things might not improve until next year.

It’s a tough situation, but Zambia and other affected countries are taking action. With international help, hopefully, they can weather this storm and get back on their feet soon.