Top Diplomats from Three West African Countries Meet in Ouagadougou to Discuss Cooperation and Peace

Feb 10, 2023 | News, Politics | 0 comments

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – The top diplomats from Mali, Guinea, and Burkina Faso met in Ouagadougou on Friday, 10 February 2023, to discuss how they can work together to ensure cooperation, peace, and win-win partnerships. The meeting was organized by the Burkinabe government and was attended by high-level delegations from the three countries.

The meeting comes at a time when West Africa is facing numerous challenges, including political instability, security threats, and economic challenges. The diplomats discussed a range of topics, including ways to increase cooperation and coordination on regional security and economic initiatives, as well as how to promote peace and stability in the region.

“The meeting was a great opportunity for us to come together and discuss the challenges we face as a region and how we can work together to overcome them,” said Abdoulaye Diop (Mali), Morissanda Kouyaté (Guinea) and Olivia Rouamba (Burkina). “We all share a common goal of promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in West Africa, and by working together, we can achieve this goal.”

The diplomats also discussed the importance of regional integration and cooperation, and how they can promote greater trade and investment between their countries. They also emphasised the need for stronger regional institutions to support these efforts and to address the challenges facing the region.

“We need to build a strong regional architecture that will support our efforts to promote peace, stability, and cooperation in West Africa,” said, the Burkinabe official. “By working together, we can create a brighter future for our people and our region.”