Liberian President-Elect Joseph Boakai Vows Unity and Economic Growth Following Narrow Election Victory

Nov 25, 2023 | News, Politics | 0 comments

Joseph Boakai, the president-elect of Liberia, has promised to foster national unity and stimulate economic growth after securing victory in the closely contested presidential election. Boakai narrowly defeated incumbent George Weah, marking one of the closest elections in the nation’s recent history.

A seasoned politician, Boakai emphasised his commitment to bringing together a country that has faced divisions and challenges. Additionally, he pledged to implement policies aimed at boosting the Liberian economy, which has grappled with issues such as rising living costs and widespread corruption.

George Weah, a former AC Milan star and FIFA World Player of the Year saw his popularity wane due to economic difficulties and concerns about corruption within the government. Weah’s presidency faced challenges, and the electoral outcome reflects the public’s desire for change.

Boakai’s victory signifies a mandate for a new direction in Liberian governance. As he prepares to assume office, the president-elect aims to address the nation’s economic issues, improve living standards, and unite the people of Liberia.