Kenyan Hospital Lays Off Striking Doctors Amid Ongoing Nationwide Strike

Apr 10, 2024 | News, Politics | 0 comments

A public hospital in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, has taken drastic measures in response to the ongoing nationwide doctors’ strike, announcing the layoff of 100 doctors who have been participating in the labour action for nearly a month. The Kenyatta University Referral Hospital revealed on Tuesday that new doctors have been hired to replace those who are striking.

The strike, which began in mid-March, has seen doctors across the country demanding better pay and improved working conditions. However, President William Ruto broke his silence on the matter recently, stating that there are insufficient funds to meet the demands of the striking doctors.

“We must be honest with ourselves, and the truth is that we must live within our means. We can’t borrow money to pay salaries,” remarked President Ruto regarding the financial constraints faced by the government.

Despite the president’s remarks, the doctors’ union has remained steadfast in its demands. On Tuesday, hundreds of doctors participated in protests and submitted a petition to parliament, urging lawmakers to intervene in the ongoing labour dispute.

This is not the first time Kenyan doctors have resorted to striking due to inadequate pay and poor working conditions. In 2017, doctors engaged in a 100-day strike that resulted in the loss of life due to a lack of medical care. The strike concluded with the doctors’ union reaching an agreement with the government to increase their salaries.

However, doctors now claim that certain provisions agreed upon in 2017 have not been fully implemented, adding to their frustration and fueling the current wave of strikes across the country. As the standoff between doctors and the government persists, concerns grow about the impact on healthcare services and the well-being of patients in Kenya.