Bomb Scare Grounds Flights at Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls Airport

Mar 4, 2024 | News, Politics | 0 comments

Operations at Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe were halted on Friday due to a bomb threat, forcing the cancellation of President Mnangagwa’s planned appearance at a renewable energy conference, according to an official statement.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba confirmed the president’s trip cancellation as authorities investigated the threat. Reports suggesting the president’s plane was redirected mid-flight were not confirmed by airport officials.

Charamba explained that airport authorities received an email from Fastjet Airlines claiming a “credible bomb or firearm threat” targeting the country’s airports, sent by an unknown individual using the alias “John Doe.” Heightened security measures were subsequently implemented, and investigations are ongoing.

Despite Zimbabwe’s reputation for peace and secure entry points, Charamba stressed the seriousness of such threats and urged the public to remain calm during the investigation.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) reported that some flights were diverted or delayed due to the incident, with further disruptions possible as the situation unfolds.

While uncommon, this incident follows a tragic 2018 bombing in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, during a presidential election campaign rally. The explosion claimed two lives, injured around 50 others, and injured several high-ranking officials, including President Mnangagwa. Two individuals initially arrested were later released due to insufficient evidence.