Morocco gets a boost from Tunisian fans at the World Cup

Dec 13, 2022 | Sports | 0 comments

Tunisians across the country have shown their support for Morocco as it competes in the FIFA World Cup.

As Morocco took on Spain and Portugal before qualifying for the quarterfinals of the tournament, Tunisians gathered in public squares, cafes, and homes to cheer on their North African neighbours. Many Tunisians wore Moroccan flags and jerseys as they watched the match, and celebrated when Morocco scored its first goal in the 25th minute.

The show of support for Morocco has been welcomed by both Tunisians and Moroccans, who have long had a close relationship. The two countries share a common history and culture and have often stood together on issues of regional importance.

The support for Morocco at the World Cup is also seen as a symbol of the broader solidarity and cooperation between Tunisians and Moroccans. As the two countries continue to face economic and political challenges, their shared support for Morocco’s World Cup campaign is a reminder of the bonds that bind them together.

Overall, Tunisians’ support for Morocco at the World Cup has been a reminder of the close ties and shared history between the two North African nations. As Morocco continues to compete in the tournament, Tunisians will be cheering it on, proud to stand alongside their neighbours on the international stage.