Biden announces Renewed Partnership with African Countries

Dec 15, 2022 | News, Politics | 0 comments

US President Joe Biden announced plans to promote partnerships with African countries during the US-Africa Leaders Summit, which was held on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, in Washington D.C. The summit was seen as an opportunity for the US to deepen its engagement with Africa and build stronger ties with the continent.

In a statement, President Biden said that the US was committed to supporting African countries as they worked to address their challenges and build more prosperous and secure futures. He emphasised the need for the US to partner with African nations on issues such as economic development, health care, and climate change.

The leadership summit brought together heads of state and government from across Africa, along with business leaders, civil society representatives, and other key stakeholders. It focused on a range of issues, including trade and investment, security, democracy and governance.

The summit was seen as a continuation of the Obama administration’s efforts to strengthen ties with Africa and came at a time when China and other global powers were increasing their presence on the continent. Many believed that the US had an opportunity to deepen its engagement with Africa and play a more active role in addressing the continent’s challenges.

The summit was a major event, with delegations from more than 50 African countries attending. It provided an important platform for the US to showcase its commitment to partnership with Africa and to demonstrate the benefits of working together to build a more prosperous and secure future.